JavaScript is a language with great advantages that make it the best choice among its peers, especially in some applications. Just a few advantages of using JavaScript:

  • You don’t need a compiler because the Web browser interprets it into HTML;
  • It’s easier to learn than other programming languages;
  • Errors are easier to identify and therefore easier to fix;
  • It can be tied to special page elements or events like clicks or mouseovers;
  • JS works in different browsers and on different platforms;
  • You can use JavaScript to validate the input and reduce the need for manual data validation;
  • It makes the site more interactive and appealing to visitors;
  • It’s faster and easier than other programming languages.

What are the weaknesses of JavaScript?

Every programming language has its shortcomings and weaknesses. One of the reasons for the problems is the popularity of the language. When a programming language becomes as popular as JavaScript, it becomes a target of increased interest for hackers, scammers, and other malicious third parties who try to find security vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

Some weaknesses:

  • Vulnerable to exploits (malicious code that exploits software product vulnerabilities);
  • Can be used to run malicious code on the user’s computer;
  • Not always supported by some browsers or devices;
  • Fragments of JS code may be very large;
  • Can display differently on different devices, resulting in a lack of integrity.